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Holly&Lil The Collar Makers celebrated our  10th birthday in 2015.  H&L collars are a quality, handmade in England products that have been bought by clients all around the World.

The time had come to take a big step forward and so Holly&Lil The Groomers  came to be.  The Collar Makers is all about quality and what is the best for your dog – that ethos now is passed to The Groomers.


At Holly&Lil The Groomers only the best will do.  We have Scissor Advanced Award Winning Groomers who come to us from the pet spa at Harrods – but no where near Harrods prices – HOORAY!  All our equipment was chosen by them and it is the best there is.  The Spa is created behind glass so you can see your pets being  groomed.


Now Holly&Lil can make your dog look divine in every way.   We aim to provide a first class service but we do not pander to fads.  The Dogs always come first!

We will not paint their nails or colour their hair but we will make them look a dream. We do offer a LaundroMutt wash and brush up service or the Mutt Cutts Full Groom. Where your dog will be cut to the breed standard or a ‘personality’ cut to suit you and your dog.